Manuel Martinez and Alyse Pacheco Nichols

Episode 60 Changes to the California Public Records Act: What You Need to Know

Effective 2023, the California Public Records Act (“CPRA”) has a new statutory “home” within the Government Code.  (See Gov. Code, § 7920.000 et seq.)  While the Legislature has indicated this reorganization is not intended to change the CPRA substantively, the practical effects of this reorganization remain to be seen.  In this Lozano Smith Podcast episode, host Sloan Simmons engages with Lozano Smith Partner, Manuel Martinez, and Senior Counsel, Alyse Pacheco Nichols, to discuss this statutory reorganization; guesses as to the Legislature’s rationale for the reorganization; and how this reorganization will or will not effect the way public agencies response to CPRA requests.

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