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Episode 9: A School District’s Ability to Discipline Students for Off-Campus Conduct

With texting and social media, it seems as though the line between school and “not school” are blurred. School districts are often faced with determining whether they can discipline a student for their conduct while not at school. In this episode, we discuss a school district’s ability to discipline a student for off-campus conduct and go over court cases that analyze this issue.

Show Notes & References

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Episode 8: The Rising Costs of the Public Records Act

This podcast addresses the tension between protecting personal information and the obligation to disclose public records.  Striking the wrong balance may burden either the local agency, or the individual employee, with significant costs.  Hear how best to contend with the money pitfalls of the CPRA.

Show Notes & References

Lozano Smith has created a Public Records Act checklist for public agencies, which can be downloaded at our website.

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