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Episode 13: ACSA Keynote Address – Everything I Needed to Know About Life, I Learned at the Table

This special episode of the podcast features a discussion with negotiator Sarah Kaatz and shares extended excerpts from her successful keynote address at the 2019 ACSA Negotiators’ Symposium. Attorney Devon Lincoln talks with Sarah about the life insights she draws on to negotiate with public employee unions in a range of challenging scenarios.

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Episode 12: Are We There Yet? The Long March Toward Equity and Equality in School Finance

Following the release of the new California governor’s first proposed budget, Lozano Smith attorneys Devon Lincoln, Karen Rezendes and Mattie Scott sit down to discuss the long history of school finance in the state and how that history reverberates in our schools today – and why the issue should matter to every Californian.

Show Notes & References

  • California Constitution (1849)
  • Serrano v. Priest (1971) 5 Cal.3d 584 (“Serrano I”)
  • Serrano v. Priest (1977) 18 Cal.3d 728 (“Serrano II”)
  • Proposition 13 (1978)

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Episode 11: Fulfilling the Promise of the Charter Schools Act – How Competition Sparked Trilingual Immersion in a Traditional Public School

In this Lozano Smith podcast, moderator Sloan Simmons engages with Dr. Daryl Camp, Superintendent of the Riverbank Unified School District, and Lozano Smith Partner Megan Macy, regarding a burgeoning and healthy competition between two separate dual immersion programs operated in Riverbank, one through a dependent charter school and another through in a traditional district school.  Their discussion explores how this existing dynamic in Riverbank serves one of the original purposes of the Charter Schools Act, the benefits of this unique situation, and some of the challenges which arose along the way.

Show Notes & References

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